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Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) born in 570 AD ,and died in 632 AD. Islam is a new version of old culture in the society; fabricated over time after Muhammad’s (pbuh) death. Religious history gives clear indication that fabrication dictates practice. A thousands years practice becomes undeniable truth, values have been changed; creating new values that contradict the original values. People become habituated, the long practice of a certain ideas over generations even creates physical motion of human movement. Physical changes in a certain group of people is remarkable if that group practices some sort of repeated activity over a long time period; that body becomes accustomed and works according to the practices, forgetting individual choice. Practice overrides the original intention, although it has changed format. The practice of a religion by a certain group of people in a geographical area, designed by the demand of the society, flavoured by the culture, mixed with the ignorance, cemented by interested parties, produces a new religion almost in complete opposite to the original religion and makes impossible to find the original foundation. The visible section of the religion is evolving very fast giving new meaning to the root text. In the early stages of Muhammad’s (pbuh) religion, the Quran was the primary source of all doctrines for the religion having been revealed to prophet Muhammad (pbuh), brought to him by the Gabriel through a series of stages following circumstances the prophet was facing at the time. Now in 2016, after multiple centuries, we have two books, the original Quran and another known as Hadith; a collection of Muhammad’s sayings and deeds.