Blind religions part 2

Muhammad was a false prophet. He was addicted to sex. His sexual life was extraordinarily open. His first marriage was with a lady more elder than him . He married the wealthy woman to become rich. Later he was found marrying younger woman, not woman, child, he even married a 9 year old girl. It was a psychological sexual weakness to younger girls as in his early age of 25 he was with a old lady compared to his own age. Later he was coveted to young woman. And even he married to his foster sons wife. Muhammad used sex-slaves. He loved wars , and used the women from the defeated party as sex-slaves . In Isam slavery is permitted. Muhammad had no limit to use the salves as sexual appetite. And he encouraged people to fight as they had been distributed women as war booty.     The Quran is full of unnecessary words. Quran is nothing but a copy of bible; full of story of Moses, Jesus Christ, Abraham, David, Solomon, Yusuf, Jonah and many more prophets. I have wasted about 15 years reading the Quran seriously, and prayed 5 times daily traditional prayers. All my attention was surrounded by this false book. I could not give my attention to the worldly affairs as I always dreamed of imaginary heaven , full of luxury. Now I want to take revenge, as this is a false book and Muhammad is a false prophet, I have right to tell the truth and spread the message as much as I can.   Islam is spreading like a disease, we need a vaccine to stop this virus. It’s getting powerful day by day like retroviruses . Already it is an epidemic in many parts of the world mainly most of the Arab countries and also Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh are suffering from this disease for long.   I used to associate my personal activities with God; I believed that God is always looking at me, he sees what I do. I believed that God controls my life, he will feed me even when I would have nothing as God is the protector of all things in the universe. Practically no Muslim belief  in Allah,the reality is that God does not provide food and shelter,it is something that you have to acquire through efforts. People compete with one another to make wealth , as because they practically realised that money gives the power, shelter and dignity. Even very pious Muslim does not believe that God gives all that , they just say that God is all powerful, God is merciful or kind. God has no shares in human development. It is the effort man makes to create his fortune. What is the evidence for God? There is no evidence in support of God. It’s just imagination. I am a fortunate man as because I am born in the age of science, otherwise I could not realise that, there is no God but imaginary concept of God. If I had been born in thousand years ago, probably I would not have understood the delusion of God.     God : can I become my God. I think I can. But I am afraid of becoming a God. I am afraid because if I become God, what would I be doing. I don’t know, I am angry at God. Sometimes I want to kill Allah , Muhammad and Jesus as they divided mankind and created problems in the world.But instantly I realise that there is no Allah, Muhammad and Jesus is dead, I can not bring them back and punish them for their crimes. Human brain works like computer hard disk, if you upload a Christian version of God, you will be behaving like a Christian. In the same way Islamic God Allah, Hindu God vogoban and all other religion , are nothing but man made delusion of God in the neurone developed over thousands of years. I do not believe in God. I do not believe that Muhammad was a true prophet.I am happy to declare that, I do not belong to the religion Islam anymore. My belief system changed over time with the knowledge of science . Especially the knowledge about evolution helped me a great deal to hit the religious ground. I was trying all my life to fit the Quran with scientific evidence; inspired by Dr. Zakir Naik. But now I find it hard to fit evolution with the creation of First man Adam out of clay. The strong evidence ,especially DNA similarities among all life forms on earth including humans in favour of evolution could not set my mind that human being is separate than other life on earth. Then I looked into the Quran with a doubtful eye ; and everything began to change. Sex is biological, Muhammad is the perfect example for that. Sex is reasonable things for not only humans but for all animals around us and even in all life forms on earth uses this method for reproduction. Religion made this things crazy, especially Islam forced women to wear hijab, unnecessary, unhealthy costumes. Muhammadan religion changed the Bengali culture into a militant society. Many religious parties in the name of Islam creating violence and spreading superstition. People believe in a supernatural power of Allah and depend on him for cures of many diseases. Islam made Bangladesh a backward country. The society blindly follows Quran and Hadith. Islam does not allow freedom of speech. Muslims possess less tolerance level in their beliefs. They can not tolerate criticism. They use threats and kill people if Islam is criticised.ISIS is the true followers of Islam. They know how Islam permits killings. This religion should be banned from all around the world. Not this religion only, all religion should be banned. This world does not need Allah or Jesus Christ. We mankind is enough for our society. Some religious groups are inspired by the ISIS and want to make Bangladesh an Islamic state. I believe ISIS is active in Bangladesh. Tree in the heaven: Why Allah created a tree in the heaven and Adam ate fruit of that tree. If Adam would not have eaten the fruit, what was the purpose of that tree in the heaven?Why God need for mankind an evil. Is not it that Allah is biggest Evil. If I were my Allah: If I could become Allah  for one day, what possibly I would do? First of all, I would change the mind of the people to follow one religion not many. Secondly, I will change the genetic structure to remove weaknesses. Weaknesses that disabled human from recovering of many diseases . I will change the genes that is responsible for violence , cruelty, in human mind. And finally will enable the probable genes that is responsible for death , to eternity; giving people unending life. I would not be a harsh, cruel God, I would be soft and loving. I would not make a environment devastating to life on earth. And there would be no hell for sufferings. Get free from Shackles of religion : Now it’s time for all to stop Muhammadan Allah and Christian Jesus. We have to kill Muhammad from the mind of Muslim people, as this is the most harmful virus for mankind. All people should be united to fight this disease collectively. By Md Shahinur Islam