Blind religions Part 1

The changing nature of religion all over the world reminds me the power of human mind to change things from its original form.It is possible that human mind created the idea of God. If we analyse human mental capacity into social perspective or in a social behavior we can realize that human mind is capable of creating any of idea.Our ancestors might have faced the question; what is behind the natural forces? And over time they might have generated the idea of supernatural power behind the natural forces.   God is a virus spreading through human mind, from generation to generation , obstacle to the advancement of scientific progress. Religion suggests irrationality; makes people dumb, blind and deft. It creates unnecessary fear in mind. God is dangerous; always asking money in different ways, God likes money more than anything but promising more to give you back. He will give you interest though he forbids you from interest.   I am borne with misfortune. Unfortunately I found myself in the blind society ,I had no choice but to follow the trend, now I have a rationale mind to bang and expand the reality that would bring me out of the black shadow of misfortune. I was indoctrinated, made to believe imaginary things without evidence at all. If I were my God, if I could give birth to myself, I would not have chosen for myself a society that is darkened by superstitions.Thanks to the scientific world. People who established science up to that level to judge between right and wrong with the scientific facts. We can now distinguish between false myths that have been around for long and reality. Now we can bring religious beliefs, under the microscope of scientific observation and verify the facts.   Who is Islamic God Allah? Believing in, what Quran said about thousand years ago without verifying with the present knowledge is absolutely problematic. Muhammad invented the idea of one supreme God in the pagan tribes to unite them under his leadership and create a new religion. And he was successful in his mission.   Original Islam was mainly for Arabian people who lived in Mecca and it’s surroundings. In the Quran it is clearly mentioned that, Quran is revealed in your(Muhammed) language Arabic, so that, you can deliver the message clearly. And it is clear that in other languages Quran can not deliver its message as Islamic scholars repeatedly change their translations and they could not reach a common understanding about the correct translation. After Muhammad’s death, his followers invaded new regions and concurred many cities. Slowly the religion spread all around the world. Garden of Islam is full of ancient historical desires of Arabian people ; enjoyed by the kings of the ancient world.Muhammad knew about the kingdoms of ancient time ;especially Petra. Luxurious life of kings , full of joy, many virgins around. Muhammed brought the imaginary picture of the heaven to entice people and used them to follow Islam. I devoted myself into the main book of Islam Quran. I started taking every verse of the Quran with the light of science and reason.I found many verses as unscientifc. Examples of unscientific Quran: Quran verse 54:1, says, the moon has split (in two); science has developed enough to know if there is any mark on the moon of the split; nothing has been found or no documents that any cultures have accounted the events.According to the Quran, verses,2:22,40:64,there are sky above us as ceiling; clearly unscientific. Quran says ,18:86,the sun sets in a muddy spring on the earth. Clearly not scientific.According to Quran 20:53,71:19, the earth is not spherical not round, it is flat like carpet. Quran verse 86:5-7, human semen comes from between the backbone and ribs, and this is not supported by science. According to the Quran 29:14,Noah lived 950 years, we do not see anything in the fossil record in support of such claim. In the Quran verse36:36,51:49,God said, He created all things in pairs; but we know Whiptail lizard are asexual and all organisms are not in pairs as bacteria are asexual. There are many more verses are unscientific. People believed in religion because of lack of understanding of science, and also poor knowledge about, how the world works. Religious institutions promote oppressive ideals: Followers of religion Islam possess less tolerance in their mind. They want to blow the world with violence.If we analyse, we can see, Muslims show less tolerance and become outrageous, when Islam is criticised. The reason behind is that this religion is aggressive against other religion more than other religion. It forbids friendship and spread hatred towards other faith. If you have open mind you can see problems in the Quran, Quranite inconsistencies are clearly visible , unscientific if you compare the verse of the Quran with established scientific knowledge.   We want a religion free world. A unique platform where all people are valued not for their beliefs but for their actions. People who promote humanity, equality regardless of their sex, colour, should be respected. Freedom of speech is our main priority.   Certainly mind of human being evolving in an ever fasting speed to understand things that were not possible before. We have learned to question whatever we find in our experience and also learned to question what we haven’t experienced but have been told to had experienced. This is a milestone achievement for mankind.     By Md Shahinur Islam Date:05/08/2017