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If you try to find out the richest and the most controversial religions in the world history, Islam would be topping the list. With its origin connected to the Arab, the holy book of the Islam is mainly written in the Arabic and it is often quite difficult to understand fully. You can understand very well how difficult it can be while reading the book in the Arabic and that is why you may have chosen to read the Quran in your mother tongue but have you ever shown your interest on the fact how the Quran was translated? If you consider the difficulty of the Quran in your mother tongue and the complexity in reading it in the Arabic language, you would be able to understand very well how tough it is to translate it from the original piece written in Arabic to a completely new language. This is quite a fact and known to everyone that a holy book of any particular religion is a challenge to understand thoroughly and translating it would certainly be more than tough. You will find a handful of the translations and interpretations of the Quran, the original remains identical and unchanged. Anytime the interpretation is done into another language which is obviously done by a human translator, he or she ought to do it keeping the meaning same and furnish it to the reader. Needless to say, the meaning and statement of the original can never be identical, since the words and ideas will obviously be changed when translated into different languages. If you want to know how the Quran was translated, you need to be aware of some facts which can leave you with a sheer wonder. Arabic is considered as one of the richest languages in the world and that is the reason the words of Arabic have multiple shades which are enough to puzzle you. The Quran has some beautiful messages written in a simple method. Often the interpretation needs more wordiness than the usual to obtain the actual meaning. The Arabic idioms and the weight of the words are challenging to understand and interpret. If you want to understand the whole meaning and the depths of the Quran which requires more and deeper study to get the accurate flavour. One more concern that is combined with the interpretation of the Quran is the familiarity of the translator with the particular language. You can discover two things which have a possibility to happen.

1. Some translators have a proficiency in Arabic language but that does not denote any way that the book will be translated successfully because it is very likely that the individual may not be too good with the language the Quran is being translated into.

2. You will come across some translators who may be excellent with the resulting language but they are not at all proficient with the Arabic. So, needless to say, it would be meaningless to take help from the individual.

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