Interested in Islamic History?

If we talk about Salat, there will be numerous approaches, different thoughts and various beliefs coming to you. The word may sound completely new to you but that can only happen when you are not in the slightest touch with one of the oldest religion in the history of the world. Islam is considered to be the rich source of values and culture and the religion is believed to be established by the Prophet Muhammad in 610 A.D. Actually, Islam is considered to be the revised and a new version of the old culture fabricated (practice more precisely) with the time after the Muhammad passed away. With the thousand years of practice, the new values have been established which strongly contradicts the original ones. The revised value is called the Hadith. Coloured Islam is the leading place which can make you understand all the cultures, beliefs, and the change of the Islam religion. All the things you would want to know will be availed and described to you in the website including the important question: How Quran has changed over time. Written by Mdshahinur