Interested in Islamic History? Know what is the Meaning of Salat?

“What is the meaning of salat?” If we talk about Salat, there will be numerous approaches, different thoughts and various beliefs coming to you. The word may sound completely new to you but that can only happen when you are not in the slightest touch with one of the oldest religion in the history of the world. Islam is considered to be the rich source of values and culture and the religion is believed to be established by the Prophet Muhammad in 610 A.D. Actually, Islam is considered to be the revised and a new version of the old culture fabricated (practice more precisely) with the time after the Muhammad passed away. With the thousand years of practice, the new values have been established which strongly contradicts the original ones. The revised value is called the Hadith. The messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad is believed to be answering to the question, “What is the meaning of Salat?” The Salat primarily means the five daily prayers as well as the Friday prayer. For the Islamic in the world, these prayer times are standard; specifically the prayer times. The times are decided by the position of the sun and geography. The school of Muslim thought has mentioned different opinion regarding the exact Salat times but one thing that’s specific is it would not be able to be performed before the specified time. Salat times vary from the position of the sun in the sky to the different location of the world. The Salat is mandatory to perform by the Muslims. Fajr 1st Prayer (Pre Down) This starts when the first light of morning appears across the full breadth of the sky and finishes at sunrise or what it actually calls the morning twilight or the true dawn and in a more Islamic tone the “Subh Saadiq”. This prayer is told to be God’s most preferred prayer as the others are asleep. Dhuhr 2nd Prayer (Midday): Dhuhr (Zuhr) is the second of the five daily prayers and it is practised by the Muslims when the sun passes its peak. This prayer almost lasts for 20 minutes earlier than Asr. Salah is believed to be said within 2 hours following the Azan is announced from the Mosque. Asr 3rd Prayer (Afternoon) The third prayer of the daily five prayers is called the Asr and the prayer is practised and recited in the afternoon time. Asr can be divided into two major section where one is performed when the sun begins to turn orange and another is from the time the sun turns orange to sunset. Maghrib 4th Prayer (Sunset) When the sun sets and until the red light fades out in the west sky, the fourth of the daily prayer of practising Muslims is performed. The prayer is called the Maghrib. Isha’a 5th Prayer (Night) This particular prayer considered to be the 5th one from the 5 daily prayers of the practising Muslim. This is performed when the red light is gone and it is performed until the white light (fajr) appears. The preferred time for Isha’a is before midnight which denotes the halfway between sunset and sunrise. Coloured Islam is the leading place which can make you understand all the cultures, beliefs, and the change of the Islam religion. All the things you would want to know will be availed and described to you in the website including the important question: what is the meaning of Salat?
Written by Mdshahinur