The meaning of the Quran changed over time:

Quran was translated with the flavours of the mind of the translator; it was translated by people who had no deep knowledge of science and society as a whole. But later Quran translators and explainers changed the meaning over time to cope with the science and used many new scientific terms to upgrade Quran to make people understand that Quran is scientific;therefore the real understanding of the Quran changed over time. Islamic schools of thought explained many events from Quran with the help of Torah and Bible. Many characters are not found in the Quran but well known in the Muslim community as Islamic. Scholars of Hadith imposed the understanding of Hadith on the Quran. Quran does not contain the form of Salah, it is found in the Hadith. Slowly the understanding of Hadith implied to understand the Quran. Later the meaning of the Quran’s word replaced by the Hadith. Gradually it became corrupted, they read Quran but their mind belongs to the Hadith. It can be said that though they read Quran, actually they are reading Hadith. Some verses of the Quran translated with the pace of scientific observations. Over time, translation influenced the root meaning. Now root meaning of the Quran has been forgotten and replaced by the later meanings. Quran is researched mainly outside the Arabic country and many Islamic schools of thought were growing outside the Arabic countries and highly practised by the non-Arabian people. Therefore many root meaning is lost, though the word is preserved in the Quran. Society is shaped by the political force. Political powers persuaded scholars to write things in their interests. They legalised many different dogmas in the name of religion. Over time the practice of the dogma became permanent. There is no god but God Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; this saying nowhere found in the Quran altogether. It is made up form to spread Islam. Later it is misunderstood that saying La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah (there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah) became Sahada in the Muslim world but not found in the Quran. The notion was created, and now became an important part of the Islam. Quranic Meaning of the words has been changed with the understanding of the followers of the different era. As languages change over time it’s a challenge now, what originally meant by some words like Salah, translated as prayer or Jakah, understood as a fixed amount of charity every year. In the Quran, the word Salah (traditionally translated as prayer) is used many times in different perspective giving an indication that it doesn’t mean five times traditional practices, it means more than the general understanding. In Islamic countries, there are variations in praying Salah. Some pray 5 times a day and some pray 3 times a day. There is also differences in how they perform and with the timings of Salah. Nowhere in the Quran mentioned that Salah is five times daily prayer. All the rules and system comes from Hadith and the Hadith is written long after Muhammad’s death. It doesn’t sound logical when Salah is very important in Islam but no details are given in the Quran about how to perform Salah or how many Rakah in each time. So it is logical that Salah indicates something more; different than traditionally understood. It could be imposed on Islam after Muhammad by the rulers from different periods who later became Muslim and were originally the follower of different pagan religion. Finally it is clearly understood that everything changes over time. People can not be fixed in a defined time period; therefore Quran must change as time passes. It is illogical to believe that Quran is unique and not changing. And also it is not acceptable by the common sense that, why the people of other languages will follow a book which is not in their own language. It is time for Muslims to wake up and leave the Quran and free mankind from the slavery of religion. Written by Mdshahinur